You’re Not Michael! Get Out Of Me!

Celebs and Media, Toronto

Publicity stunt of KITT being stolen down on Front Street? Or an act of brazen thievery?

Via BlogTO. A call to the cops say “they’ve got nuttin'”

3 thoughts on “You’re Not Michael! Get Out Of Me!

  1. FurryWolf

    Since GM in their glorious wisdom cancelled the F-cars (Camaro and Firebird) in 1999 with the last models being produced for 2002, there are no firebirds available for the folks to us as the next KITT. Although the Camaro is promised for early spring as a 2010 model, we have been teased with it since February 2006. Just how much time does it take to get a car to market?? And no signs of the Pontiac sibling this time around. SO, KITT is now a Ford Mustang, sigh….

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