The Best Pictures of 2008 From!

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Okay boring one out of the way first: Flickr tells me this was my most viewed picture for last year:
My Brother's Wallpaper

The best “Husband” Image for 2008 goes to “Beach Relaxio at Saugatuck”

The Runner up best “Husband” picture is also the Best “Picture from Disneyland”:

Best “Involved With Enviroment” image goes to “Huge Bollocks!”
That's Impressive

Next, the best “Brush With a Homemade Celebrity” Image goes to “Lack of Faith”!
I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

For the “Most Creative Use of Clippers” award, we give it to “Hot DJ”
Hot DJ

The award for “No Colour Manipulation” image goes to “Husband on a Dock”!
No Saturation Required

Best “Well, DUH” image goes to “Crew’s Fire Saftey Plan”
Crews is on Fire

For the best “Faux Arty Farty” shot, we give you “Ball of Burn”!
Ball of Burn

But the “All Round Ultimate Best”, in my humble opinion, would have to be my depthy, curious picture of a hybrid cauliflower and a cat:
Fractal Food Curious Cat

6 thoughts on “The Best Pictures of 2008 From!

  1. Phronk

    That DJ is pretty much me, with the baldness and partially trimmed chest hair. Glad that dudes find him hot, I guess.

    Some really awesome pics there. Husband on a Dock is very artsy and symmetrical.

  2. snotty

    Check out Cesar Murillo’s MySpace page to hear his original tunes-and see more hot Latino DJ’s in his friends links.

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