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Anyone catch Dancing With The Stars last night?

I thought not.

I stuck it out until Woz got up there and fumbled around the stage like the Star Wars Kid at the prom. Get me, people: I love and respect everything Woz does no matter how geeked out he may look (did I not call it when I said he’d show up on a Segway?) but last night was just embarrassing. His drug testing joke after the judges lambasted him fell flatter than reality through a black hole. Poor guy.

In fact the whole show seemed a bit awkward. Like your Dad skinny dipping at a drunken BBQ at the cottage. Or your next door neighbour to your cottage hitting your Dad’s naked ass with a spotlight as he frolicks around the water. Or watching your Mom neck with someone other than your Dad as he lowers his naked self into the cold lake. Or Parental Shrinkage.

You get my drift. It wasn’t good TV. You could see who was going to win, who was going to get booted and who was going to faint.

At least Amazing Race is doing quite well this season. More scenery, less airport and a clever deaf guy.

3 thoughts on “Disasters

  1. Phronk

    He was so awkward, both while dancing and while trying to interrupt the judges with bad jokes, that it was fascinating to watch. I hope with the collective power of the geeky internet behind him, he manages to win the whole thing.

  2. Cb

    The only dance show I watch is “so you think you can dance”. I don’t want to watch “so you WISH you could dance”.

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