Red Shirt Bear

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Are you upset that there’s no big squid at the end of Watchmen and therefore it’s just another run of the mill Hollywood raping of a great comic?

There there, dear. The latest Star (Lost) Trek trailer looks like a big chunk of awesome fell off of Awesome Mountain and the resulting awesome avalanche swallowed up some awesome hikers. Watch it HD and go frame by frame and Spot The Bear!


9 thoughts on “Red Shirt Bear

  1. cb

    I am so disappointed in Watchmen that I can’t even get excited about the Star Trek movie.

    Sure it looks good… but what is this, like Star Trek 10, the search for Baby Gap?

  2. postbear

    not my cup of tea at all, which is no surprise, but even if it had been, that VERY IMPORTANT MUSIC OF HIGH EMOTION would have thrown me off all on its own.

  3. SharkBoy

    This picture looks so “unreal”… what the F is standing next to the hunky bear guy? Is it a girl? Is it a boy? Is it a mannequin? Is it just a stand-in because they didn’t finish the make-up on the real actress/actor/dummy that is suppose to be there?

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