Rogers Wants You To Have The Best

iPhone, You Stupid Dick

Got an iPhone G3 and caught up in the reality distortion field that is the G3 S and want to upgrade to the best? Rogers is here to help! (*snort*)

From Kris Abel’s tech blog:

Got an iPhone 3G? Looking to buy an iPhone 3G S? I asked Rogers what advice they might have for you. Here’s their response:

“iPhone customers with existing models are encouraged to upgrade to the new software 3.0 update- it offers most of enhancements that the new models will have including tethering and MMS, effective July 17.

Rogers HUP (hardware upgrade program) policy is set at 24 months (6 months before end of contract for Fido). Rogers subsidizes handsets so that we can continue to offer customers the best devices at the best value.”

Rogers Death StarThat last line is so “No lube! Open wider faggot, here we come!” So you’re stuck with your handset for another year (if you bought it when it came out), or you can pay full price for the G3 S.

Judging by how fast Apple updates their product and how slow Roger’s HUP is, by the time 24 months go by with my G3, I will be able to get Apple’s G4 network phone.

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  1. cb

    I just want a video app on my current 3g. Is that so bloody much to ask??? It’s a digital fucking camera

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