Simple Bike Message

Hobbies, You Stupid Dick

Cute simple message about bike safety via Gizmodo on a quiet Sunday.

I’m slightly disturbed by some of the comments left by the viewers:

As a cyclist who rides every day to work I say tough f*ing luck if you don’t like it. In downtown Denver I’m faster than all you twats stuck in traffic growing your fat asses. If the intersection is open I’m taking it. You want you’re (sic) road back? Give us real bike lanes or be prepared to ride behind me. Don’t worry, you’ll get to your red light on time. I don’t want you to think about me or act any different than if I were not there. I’m depending on your poor skills behind the wheel. I can see you texting, on the phone, fighting with your wife, changing the radio station, eating your fat ass burgers. I take full advantage of your lack of attention. As soon as people behind the wheel try to accommodate me, they suck even more. I don’t care if you hate me, if you want to hit me (you won’t), if I slow you down. Its my road too.

The rest of the ass hat comments run along these lines on both sides of the argument. It’s not a war, people.

2 thoughts on “Simple Bike Message

  1. postbear

    the war between cyclists and motorists won’t end anytime soon, but expecting youtube comments to be polite or rational is the best joke of all. the message after legoboy’s dismemberment reminded me of astar.

    oh, and what’s with the motor noises that the bicycle made? is legoboy riding a gas-powered moped disguised as a bike?

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