What’s In the Suitcase? Day Twenty Eight


We are now 2/3rds through our little journey my friends. 15 days before our trip. Can I complete this venture without busting past my weight or suitcase limits? Can I? Huh?!?

My second pair of swimtrunks. Roots. SharkBoy *strongly* suggested I buy them, and I didn’t protest much (the skimpy square cuts that I use to wear to the campground will NOT be coming with – I don’t want to be compared to a beached whale or a German tourist).

That being said, I’ve always felt that men’s swim trunks are utterly sexist compared to bikini-wear women are subjugated to… uh… wear. Men’s, in comparison are generally long in the leg, baggy and utterly sexless and I say “whatup wit dat?” (I do… just like that). I have no clue how this came about (other than rampant self loathing within the male fashion industry?) and I hope the trend reverses to something more Australian.

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