You. Toobe Tuesday

Celebs and Media

Here are a few subscribed webisodes (wideos? Toobin’?) I’m watching. You should too.

The Suits. Created by the guy who brought you SCUD the Disposable Assassin. A tale of Men In Black vs Religious zealot aliens. (NSFW)

Gamgeeble. Give a man a video editing suite and he’ll amuse himself for hours. And me too.

Weezy Waiter. Same deal as Gamgeeble (dare I say G’s mentor?). Give a man a menial job with great internet aspirations, and he’ll make fun little moving pictures.

The Faking Hoaxer.. A lad from the United Kingdom creates videos for the pyramid-hat people. Some fakes he’s put up are eye popping. Some not so, but the talent and spirit is there. Makes me wish I had Final Cut Pro on my iMac.

Cyanide & Happiness. Bitter, black and funny!

[Title of Show] I got this via I Got Something To Say. Comedy troupe on and off the webs. Wish they did more webs!

Jack in the Box. From Best Week Ever comes Michael Cyril Creighton with his webby show. Can a poor schlep get his tattered life together as he works in the world’s greatest industry (Broadway!) in the world’s greatest city (NYC!)? Makes me wish there really was a “Bros of Desire” play!

3 thoughts on “You. Toobe Tuesday

  1. furface

    OOps!! Just scanning through your old blahgs from January 18ish and saw Upular by Fagottron. Figures you already knew about him you know-it-all-of-things-kewl-and-geeky-techy-groovy!!!

  2. furface

    For a musical slant google “Pogo”. He’s an Auzzie 21 year old music making edit junky. His piece called Gardyn is a kewl homage to his mum and her garden.

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