The Lion, The Switch And The Lowdown

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Today I had to use a Vista machine at work. I know… it was horrible.

As I suffered through crappy UI, I found myself yearning for the upcoming Mac OS update, codenamed “Lion”. Apple boasts over 250 new features but there are 5 that stand out as being “insanely great”:

  1. Multi-Touch gestures. One step closer to Minority Report
  2. Launch Pad. Start apps on your Mac like it was an iPad
  3. Auto Save/ Version. Think “Time Machine” for your documents.
  4. Mission Control. Full control over everything going on.
  5. And Mail gets a freshening up with graphical “conversations”.

And Apple sweetens the deal by keeping the same low upgrade price of $29.

I’m dreading going back to that Vista machine tomorrow.

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