What does one tip…?

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…a robo-porter?

August can’t get here  fast enough. I know. Summer not even here yet and I want it to be nearly over.

Only because I can’t wait for our supertravelfuntime trip. You might recall that in August, Sharkboy and I are hitting the west coast from LA to SanFran to do some Disney, some driving and some …er… more Disney. Anaheim for the Disney “D23” convention and a couple days in the park, then a nice slow drive up the coast and then almost a week in San Francisco where we’ll visit the Disney Family Museum.

I’m affectionately calling this trip: Ryokō Nippon. Purely because we’re staying in a couple really cool Japanese inspired boutique hotels. First we found the Tomo, where Japanese graphic designers went all kabuki on an old Best Western. Exciting! And yesterday my husband found the greatest hotel ever near the heart of NYC: Yotel. A boutique hotel with what looks like no humans involved with the operation of the building. No check in drones, no concierge and probably no maids (I bet the rooms are hosed down periodically like some produce department at your local grocery store).

There is, however, a porter. A ROBO PORTER! LOOK!!

You know I am going to try to cram MYSELF into that little tray for the night!

5 thoughts on “What does one tip…?

  1. Cb

    My gosh– Disney AGAIN?? Trips to Disney are supposed to be momentous occasions, not something you do 4-5 times a year! Your gonna spoil the magic.

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