New Prometheus Trailers

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Two videos dropped this weekend for Prometheus! TWO! That’s twice I’ve had to change my underwear. Thanks Ridley!

UPDATE New UK trailer released too. Basically sets out the story without any question:

And amongst those flashes of utter hype that I am eating like a diabetic at a candy convention, is this shot:

Yeah. I know. I’m stoked.

6 thoughts on “New Prometheus Trailers

  1. addinfulleffect

    i can not fucking wait for this movie!!!! i’m a huge fan of the aliens franchise and love even the bad ones… plus this has charlize theron and noomi rapace!!! god i’m such a nerd.

  2. postbear

    impressive. that’s more underwear changing than you undergo in a typical month.

    i’ll paraphrase what i said the last time you hyped this movie: please don’t suck.

    1. Tedhealey

      You shut your mustache!
      I have faith (maybe blindly) that it’s not an Alien A to B to C rip off/remake. I really do hope he’s doing something different yet comfortably similar.

      One thing, I hope this is it for trailers! Any more and we’ll just be eating popcorn in front of YouTube, me thinks…

  3. gazele

    When Alien came out, I couldn’t watch it. The mere hint of the dark, slimy skin of that thing gave me the heebie jeebies that I just couldn’t get past. Brilliant brother got the model and left it on the corner of his dresser. Nothing else worked so well to keep me from going into his room….I’m getting the impression that this could inspire similar gut-twisting reactions. Being nearly 40 years older, I hope to be able to enjoy some of those emotions, not devolve into a blubbering mess of tears and saliva like days gone by!

    1. Tedhealey

      You didn’t go on the Great Hollywood Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, did you? If we ever go together, we’ll sit in the back row. You’ll get sprayed.

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