My Heart on my Sleeve

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Yesterday I got new ink from Kate, over at Passage. I’m super stoked by it (as they say on those reality TV tattoo shows – I think they’re required by law to say “stoked” within every critique, but I digress).

It’s my 501st designation, if you’re wondering.

Not even a day since getting it, I’m already getting jokes:

Is it my Toronto Dominion PIN number?
You should go into CIBC and pretend to forget your number!

I better get use to this.

But I don’t care. I’m loving it so far. Plan is to do a complete sleeve from wrist to elbow. Maybe “Vader’s Fist” in Galactic Basic?

I’m also really stoked for this year’s ScotiaBank AIDS walk. I’m walking again but with some help from the guys and gals from the 501st! We’re up to 5 characters so far, and I expect more to join.

Unfortunately I’m only $50 up at the time of writing this. So…

You know what to do. Get your wallets out and donate!

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