No Pizza With This Move Assist

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Saturday I was up bright and early walking through Allan Gardens (ew…) with my hockey bag to get to the McDonalds washroom in the basement of the Atrium on Bay mall.

Yeah. Sheila E was in my head: “The Glamorous Life…!” kick the cymbal, lets move on.

Why was I hauling a hockey bag into the pee stained washroom of the basement of the Atrium on Bay? Why to dress into my Sandtrooper outfit, of course! Last Saturday the kids from the 501st helped Silver Snail move their shit to their new store on Yonge and Dundas. Epic style. I say “epic” because it’s pretty cool that you can get waaay more volunteers than you need to form a human chain from Spadina and Queen to Yonge and Dundas.

The day was nice, not too hot and the even well organized. It was great except for the few tweaking guys that insisted that cosplayers=punching bags. One of us got a headbutt to the chestplate “in fun” which prompted our organizer to go off on said tweaker… while he was dressed in full on Sith lord outfit. Pretty cool to watch.

Here’s some media for you:

Globe and Mail uses crappy Canadian Press Flash files and doesn’t allow embedding, so here’s the video link. I’m at 0:30 seconds in after the ad.

Fun little mention on Torontoist

Silver Snail’s Official Gallery

Pics from various cameras (I can’t credit you, if they’re yours! Comments to credit!)

Raw video from our guy on the street:

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  1. postbear

    too bad we don’t yet live in that glorious future where we could find trucks and other kinds of vehicles builty solely to haul heavy items.

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