Monster Roll

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SharkBoy has been buying up $5 SyFy Channel movies on DVD in some reverse-retro nostalgia thing for really awful 70s movies. I think. I think I just broke my brain trying to explain that.

I digress.

I spied MONSTER ROLL over on Aint It Cool News and I immediately recognized that the FX shots are slightly the same as any SyFy movie.

But this one looks fun and awesome, unlike the poorly written stuff that’s been coming into our house lately(1)

(1) Admittedly, the dialogue is what keeps us coming back to these horrible movies. Example, in DinoThing vs Crocostuff, two scantily clad women insist they want to be “photographed in front of the waterfall” and instantly pose in front of a bush, while the photographer says “What the hell, one roll” while he uses a digital camera. The list is endless, but you get the gist.

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