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Mickey’s Ten Commandments

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Taken from my newest internet crush’s flickr stream, Dave Cobb, a creative director who has worked on a ton of cool things and is an all round nice guy. Go vote for his About Me page so he can get his face up on Times Square.

Mickey’s Ten Commandments

  1. Know your audience
  2. Wear your guests’ shoes
  3. Organize the flow of people and ideas
  4. Create a “weenie” (visual magnet)
  5. Communicate with visual literacy
  6. Avoid Overload – Create turn-ons
  7. Tell one story at a time
  8. Avoid contradictions – maintain identity
  9. “Ounce of treatment – ton of treat!”
  10. Keep it up (maintain it)

Have a Magical Day!

Troop Doodling

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Matt Brossard (Fuzzbelly!) is possibly the coolest person on the planet. Seriously.

Out of the blue he sends SharkBoy and I these two prints, saying:

I felt really moved and inspired by your fundraising effort for the Scotiabank Aids Walk. I couldn’t resist taking that inspiration and making something to mark the occasion for you.

When I opened the email and read/saw what he sent I admittedly got a bit choked up. It’s the nicest thing an internet acquaintance has ever done for me. Well, That and a bunch of friends/acquaintances/strangers donate nearly $2000 for the AIDS Walk, of course.

Look sir! Droids! Click to enbiggen!

Your Bounty Hunters are here, Sir! Click to makelargo

The Photo Game – Cemetery Challenge

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It’s time for another photo game!

This time our subject was Toronto Necropolis Cemetery in Riverdale, where we ran around for an hour shooting pictures of interesting things.

This time, SharkBoy brought a prop, which I think was cheating! Oooo! Next time Mr Cheater McCheatpants!

Anyway, here is my Flickr Set

Here is Sharkboy’s Flickr Set

And here are five that I like. You can judge in the comments!






Penny. Farthing.

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Seriously, my brain is fried. Work is so piled up I come home and feel guilty for ignoring you, Dead Robot Heavy Industries.

So here is some pictures of Penny, Sean and Josh’s utterly wonderful dog. Ha! I made a dog fart joke with the title! I rock!