Why I Love SharkBoy Pt 454

Shoppers Drug Mart, Parliament and Carlton, 7:40pm Sharkboy: (Depositing our purchase down on the checkout counter) “Hello there!” Clerk: (Dead eyed, zombie-like) “Good evening.” Sharkboy: “All ready for Halloween?” Clerk: “…g…” Longish pause. No more response. Sharkboy: “I’ll take that grunt as a ‘Yes’.”

TRIDEC or How I Learned to Love Sugars Again

Today was my first TRIDEC appointment at the Woman’s College Hospital and boy howdy don’t you learn stuff in a day. After registering they showed us to the cafeteria for a light breakfast, to which I thought “Isn’t food the reason I’m here?” Apparently that’s a typical over-compensative reaction to learning you’re diabetic. Hate the […]