Xmas Wish List

In the spirit of sitting down with the Consumers Distributing Catalogue and making a list for Xmas, as we were instructed to do as kids, I’m posting this for my favourite sister-in-law!

If you go to Society 6 and punch in “Star Wars”, t-shirts and iPad cases work for me.

But here are some notable exceptions (I take a svelte XL):

Helmets and robots

Fun and funky pics

Disney Tie-in

And your basic awesome X-wing

For more tangible items, there is always ThinkGeek:

Fun shots can be had by meeee!

Now I can be extra geeky!

You get the idea: Star Wars thing good.


GTA V Photos

In the game, Grand Theft Auto V, your character is able to whip out their phone and take a pic anywhere.

The idea of photography in a virtual world fascinates me. Like in real life you’re able to capture the mundane, the horrific or the “just plain weird”, including the Selfie, which makes me laugh.

Here’s some of mine: