Puerto/Nuveo Vallarta

The last time I was here was about 17 years ago. My father was a Snowbird that took residence in Old Town, PV. We’re going to spend some time walking those streets and I hope I can find his old apartment he rented – no real reason other than to dig up some good memories.

Meanwhile Sylvie and Pogo took us to $1 tacos. ONE DOLLAR TACOS, PEOPLE. I had three. I’m being good. Then off to a festival that was a bit of a dud (we didn’t stay) and margaritas and dessert at their favourite local restaurant. The couple who ran it are super charming. We’re going back for breakfast this week.

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  1. I remember getting amazing tacos at a roadside stall that Rhino and I stopped at one day when we were down there. In my mind, they too were only $1 but that would mean that inflation has not touched the area at all in nearly 20 years. Which may be a lovely thought, but purely wishful thinking.
    I hope you find Dad’s old place. I remember the interior but not the entrance. And the steep hill up to it, from Playa des Muertes?

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