I has a sad

In the last month I’ve come across a few news stories that make me wonder if parents are teaching kids that it’s ok to blame other people for their own stupidity. Like the parents who want Tide to change their laundry detergent packs into something less colourful because kids are eating them. Google it. Apparently […]


Otherwise know as Whooping Cough. SharkBoy and I are just finishing up a couple weeks of this completely cough horror thing. If any of you or your loved ones contract this aliment, kill your loved one then kill yourself. Kill anyone who has come in contact or even mentions the name of this fucking disease […]

Flip Phone

I’m sitting in the Starbucks near my work, enjoying my book over lunch hour. The place is packed with nannies and their brood, uninspired writers, web surfers and booming voiced Mr Know It Alls. Usual day, really. I look up from my book as someone enters the cafe. He’s scruffy: wearing a slightly dirty hoodie, […]