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My First Extra Gig

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I went and saw Kill Bill this afternoon. It was impressive, action-packed, stylish and clever. Your basic Tarantino film. I recommend it to all who like anime, Japanese fighting movies, 70s pulp fiction, and Uma Thermin. Lucy Liu was ok, but she only had one good scene where she looses her cool. She could have had great acting but it was replaced by an anime hommage for her character set up and development. Gotta love the camera shot through the hole in the assasinated politician at the two escorts looking back and screaming. Brilliant. The only troubling thing I think about post-really-cool-movie elation is that most of the fight scenes weren’t really original. There was the decaps, the dismembs, and even the sword-over-the-head-kill-the-guy-behind-you-before-swinging-it-down-onto-your-opponent move. I wonder how many movies will be made with these Hong Kong wirefight moves? Like the slo mo/fast action pan in The Matrix, we will probably get tired of them and move on.

I just got a call. My first extra gig is on Prom Queen. The made-for-tv story of that guy who took his male date to the prom. Exploitation upon exploitation! Just give me the cash! This should be interesting.

Jon Erik Hexum

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Jon Erik Hexum. The first tv “hunk” I ever had a crush on. He and Lee Majors (I know, I know: how Marge Simpson of me) both had the hairiest chests on tv back then, at the start of the 80s. And Gil Gerrard too. Know him? No google searches…I will tell you in a moment.

There was a big boom of hairy chested beefcake on tv at the turn of the Me Generation: Regan was just a small virus spreading in California, Battlestar Galactica was so close to finding Earth, V was tv’s most lackluster metaphor for the Nazi rise to power (I thought Steven Speilbergs career at the time, was a better allegory), Magnum PI was using Higgins’ Ferrari, Dallas was on everyone’s yammering lips, and Buck Rogers (There…Gil’s tv show. Did you guess right?) was shooting up the Draconian space navy with Dale Arden. Bidda bidda bidda, Buck! Im rambling. Every male lead had a hairy chest for some reason. When did everyone become hairless? Was it with the death of disco? No more open shirts? Do we blame the Italians? Iranians? Turks? I can fathom the exact point in pop culture where we went from beautiful naturally hairy chests to these shaved house apes. I blame Calvin Klien.

Packing Fudge

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Is it bad that my two current favorite shows (ok, three) are from Spike TV? Does that make me slothenly? Lower of class? Crude? I dont care. I love The Joe Schmoe Show. Its art-imitating-life-imitating-art. I feel like Im watching a mix of the Truman Show and Ed TV. And he seems like such a good guy. I lay wager that he will be cool with the whole thing when it gets revealed. Im hooked. I hate it.

Next up is Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. Spike buys all the episodes of a Japanese game show a few years old and redubs the whole thing disregarding the original scripts and makes it topical filled with double entendres. Combined with the violent tasks the contestants go through, its a good laugh. It makes me laugh every show.

Finally, Stripperella. Backstory: a few months ago I discovered Pam Andersons V.I.P. which honestly has some funny lines in it. Granted you have to sit through some terrible lines and action to get one or two gems from her (character not yet hired into her agency is about to be shot, Pam blurts: “Leave him! Its not like he’s on payroll or anything!”) Now comes this cartoon she does the voices for. It proves that she is totally in control of her image and her career. And I find it ironic her best work yet is a cartoon character. Best line of the show so far: Evil Character to a Richard Simmons parody character…”This is no time to fudge pack!” (see…he was packing fudge for an admirer who lost 10lbs…I guess you’d have to see it…).


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Hello. I’m not good at introductions. I generally do the cop out thing and say “Introduce yourselves” when I have to do 2 or more people standing about. So mumble under your breath your name and say Hi.

Okay so this is my first blog. I haven’t a real exciting life. I collect robots and I run another site called Dead Robot, which I should update much more often than I like. I’m a culture vulture and will use any excuse to watch tv or bad sci fi at any given moment. I think that’s all I’m gonna reveal right now…if you read on you will get the gist of who I am. If you click on the stuff at the side you will be dissapointed.