Want to see something cool? DON’T CLICK ON THE LINK just yet… http://admin.domain.deadrobot.com/index.html It’s my URL, right? To anyone, these look like two nested subdomains belonging to me, purely because the “dotcom” is in it’s proper place and all that. Okay go ahead and click it – no worries, I’ll wait. Ta Da! That site […]


I wake up this morning with the first thought in my head being: “I need to call Dad and see how…” Then sleep leaves me fully and I remember. I lay there in bed for a few minutes fighting back the monster of depression and breathe slowly. Gone. Rationally I try to figure out why […]

Without Da

Many Pride celebrations I would get frustrated with trying to organize friends, wrangling them like a sack of wet cats. But there was one person I didn’t have to call or text or pre-plan where to meet: my Da. In fact whenever Church Street closed for whatever reason, I would always come across Da in […]


I walk in on two Starbucks baristas (one of them my ultimate favorite human service drone person lady), mid-conversation: “Come on, Dana! Take it and run with it!” “I guess…” “No, do it! Own it!” They look at me and smile. I jump in: “Yeah! Own it!” “Yeah Dana!” “Own that thing!” I continue,”Become this […]