Mexico – Day 2

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Such a busy day! Syl, Meesh and I started with a pleasant walk to Starbucks and caught up with family talk. When we got back To the condo we picked up Pogo and hopped in the car. We drove to Sayulita, a funky surfer’s paradise town where we had a massive breakfast – mine was eggs on corn chips topped with different hot sauces. Meesh tried one of the table sauces and nearly died. Like. Literally died. He’s dead now. From eating hot sauce.

We wandered the town taking Instagram worthy wall pics (see Sharkboy’s IG account) then drove to Lo de Marcos to a nearly vacant beach (with serious undertow issues) and had a soda on the beach. Meesh’s lemonade came in a glass so dangerously chipped that at any other restaurant anyone would have sued the owner. Not in Mexico. We were chill.

We had a quick drink on the beach in Punta Mita (see a pattern yet?) while we watched rich kids learn to surf.

Then off to La Cruz for dinner where we ate al fresco in the road and were treated to a wedding entering a church and vaqueros dancing their horses just metres away from our table. We were chill.

Back home I passed out on the balcony to the sounds of kids frolicking in the condo pool and waves lapping the shore. A very good day.

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