Apple Cored


Rumour has it IBM will partner or buy up Apple outright while dumping it’s PC division to the Chinese. My fave Slashdot quote about that is:

“Q. What do you get when you join Apple and IBM?


Screw the market analisys and business speculation crap! I think it would be the best reality tv show out there. Imagine the Mormon-esque, ill-fitting short sleeved shirt ‘n solid-coloured ties-wearing, thick rimmed taped up bespectabled geeks setting up cubicles beside the highly creative, hacki sacking, pot smelling kids at Apple. Call Burnett, I smell Survivor: Cupertino!

Seriously, if they can merge, then I think they would compliment each other nicely, thrusting simple and easy computing to everyone like the matter/anti-matter mix chambers pouring out the warp field that propels the Enterprise to the farthest reaches of the galaxy!

I have to go wash now that I used that analogy.

More geek wispering out there in the Net is that Apple may get into flash drive players, creating iPods under $200, and further speculating that Apple will capture 30% of the music player market, much like Walkmans did in the 80s. Expect something when the Turtleneck’d guy takes to the stage in Jan ’05. Can’t wait!!

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