Dancin’ in the streets

Queer stuff, Toronto

Sharkboy just emailed me that Global, City TV, CTV and CBC all have beamer trucks in the village expecting some sort of celebration to spontaneously erupt due to the Supreme Court’s unsurprising ruling.

Were they expecting something like Queer as Folk where the cast takes to the streets a la Fame? Did they want to see drag queens disrupting traffic? Naked men proclaiming their right to marry? Party jackasses snorting Tina and dancing with their shirt off?

If the media wants to see good tv, they should stick their cameras in some right-winged areas of the city. From what I’ve seen on the web today (I wont link the sites, they dont deserve the traffic – go read Big Fat Hairy Living’s blog), they’re pretty hopping mad.

Feh the media. This is a non-story. Come back when the legislation is passed.

5 thoughts on “Dancin’ in the streets

  1. Anonymous

    Alberta will leave Canada and take all its money too. Or pump a lot of money into lobbyists so Martin doesnt get his 155 votes.

    Your country, however… esssh…

  2. Evil Panda

    Monkeys are funny. So is poop.

    So, do you think the Albertans will stage a bloody revolt should Gay Marriage get official recognition on a federal level?

    Do you think the fucked-up, backwards ass country I live in will ever regonize my Big Fat Gay Canadian Wedding?

  3. Anonymous

    Bless you, dear heart.

    When Sharkboy got back to the office, the radio said celebrations were happening on Church St. Which they weren’t. Its amazing how the Media tries to make a buzz out of fly poop.

    hahahah!!! GEDDIT!!?

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