May I Present…

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…Mister and Mister Daniel and Mark (John?)!

What a lovely ceremony! What a lovely couple! Not a hint of politics or religion and several poiniant quotes from ee cummings to get the heartstrings tugged (yes, I did cry, thankyouverymuch, much to my sister and Sharkboy’s delight). It went off without any screaming ex-boyfriends banging on the windows, yelling “Mrs Bouvier! Mrs Bouvier!!”

Best comment, pre-wedding: “Hey Dan, when you do this again, you need to get a bigger venue.”

Thanks to Mark’s friends and bits of my family, who made the effort to come and get stuck in this crappy weather. Thanks to Mum and Da for your help and words at the party.

Mark, take care of my brother! Thirty years ago he marched (and roller skated in a Habit) through Toronto to get to where you two are today and displayed a tenacity that I wish I had. I am truly greatfull for all the work he’s done and for his stubborn, unrelenting spirit. You are his perfect compliment.

I am proud to call you brother.

I’ve removed the pictures for spacing issues but would be glad to email any to anyone who cares.

4 thoughts on “May I Present…

  1. Evil Panda

    I recognize that backdrop!

    Congrats to the Groom and Groom. DR, I see a fantastic future for you as a gay wedding planner.

  2. Swollen Uvula

    Congrats to the happy couple! Let the lesbian bed death commence!! Just kidding, guys. May you have a long and varied married life together.

    I know Ted said no religion or politics but I hope to God the rest of the world catches up soon.

    To the grooms! Groomi?

  3. Jim

    I’m telling Jesus.

    In all seriousness, I don’t know these people but if they’re related to Ted they gots to be good people. Best wishes to the groom and groom.

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