Cooler than Me

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I’m having dinner with the family the other night and my 14yr old niece walks in wearing those really high toe socks – black and red stripes. But they’re not on her feet. no. they’re on her arms and the toes are cut off so her fingers are stuck through them like some poor beggar. and to finalize this ensemble she has a Clash t shirt on.

the Clash

she’s 14 and cooler than I could ever be.

Celebrity Gossip! Remember how I said Russell Crowe signed the window of my old store? in talking to some extras and my old shop co-worker, the gladiator himself (quoted as being “scruffy and not very welcoming) was pretty tanked when he did that. talk says he was drinking at a little hole in the wall restaurant (not newells, thankfully) and came out dunk with a pen in hand. I bet you $100 that the owner of the store removes the glass and sells it on ebay…