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Shed Pre-Camping season officially starts this weekend with the wedding of the owners of The Point Campground (I know, the site is ooogly, I’m 1/3rd the way through redesigning it). Sharkboy and I are going up this weekend to set up the utility shed, the fire pit and scamper like happy chinchillas in the long grasses. We’re not quite ready for an Airstream or a Pop-top (but I bet Sharkboy is ready for a Top-pop – nyuck!), we’re the poorest seasonals in the park. But we have plucky attitudes and a $50 gift card to Canadian Tire to spruce up (read: make tacky) our lovely primitive, powerless, waterless site. Expect pictures to start flowing again after a winter of media-shy posting.

Ah me. Do you remember Stumbalina? He’s going to be replaced by Punchy The Dancer, the guy who stands legs akimbo on the dance floor and air boxes to diva queen music. I’ll try to get video.

7 thoughts on “Our Own Little Place in the Country

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  2. Furface

    Is buff the new spray on tan colour of the moment?

    You go to the muscle palace (with kiddy showers) – it’s buffed, ain’t it?

  3. Dead Robot

    EP, are you coming back up this year? We have to sort out the tents to site ratio thing.

    Plus I want to see this new buff you.

  4. Evil Panda

    And the showers have the most amazing spiders living in them. It’s like a National Geographic special…”The Arachnids and Naked Natives of Eastern Canada”.

    I can’t wait to come up again this year.

  5. hindgrindr

    And a disco tent, and a lighted trail of happiness, and ledges to rest your bottle.

    Turkey Point rocks.

  6. Dead Robot

    Oh come on! At sunrise, we’re in the car to the nearest Tim Hortons. There are heated showers and heated pool. What more do you want?

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