The Panty Game

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Sponge Bob PantiesIt’s been going on for about 6 months now. It’s nothing new, really. I’ve heard of couples doing this sort of game for years on end. Or variations on the theme:

Hide the Spongebob panties on/in/under each other’s stuff.

I just now pulled the lime green offensive things (unworn, thankfully) out of my rucksack. At the office. The two women in my cube just saw it and I had to explain myself. Why I had panties. At work.

It’s been restricted to being hidden on/in/under the personal belongings in the bedroom but lately we’ve branched out: I had hid them in his luggage for the cruise, in hopes that Customs would pull them out during some random inspection. He has stuffed them into at least every shoe I own – at the campground. He’s put his head on them a couple times when he’s gone to bed. Now I think I’m going to put them in the freezer or inside the shower head.

Oh yes. This is still on, motherfoosher!

4 thoughts on “The Panty Game

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  4. Dickson Coatworthy

    I’m I’m ….speechless

    and suddenly eternally grateful to be single!

    Happy New Year, Bear-boys! You keep me entertained and giggly through the dregs…


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