Black Hole VS Event Horizon


I dug this gem out of my old hard drive from my original blog. Oh the memories…

The Black Hole Event Horizon
Based on another movie called 20000 Leagues Under the Sea (also by Disney. I guess they were low on scripts in the 70s). Its a story of a madman wanting to breech the event horizon of a black hole. Based on another movie called Hellraiser. Its a story of a madman bringing a black hole onto the Event Horizon
Black Hole - Creepy Ship Event Horizon - Ghost Ship
Creepy Ghost Ship Creepy Ship of Ghosts
Black Hole - Tossed to Space Event Horizon - Tossed To Space
A character is tossed into space by an explosion and is returned by mechanical bad actor A character is tossed into space by an explosion and is returned by mechanics
Black Hole - Survive No Air Event Horizon - Survive No Air
Some worrying physics here. Our heroes encounter a big hole in the ship with no explosive decompression or even a hint of being flung out into space (or “sucked” as Data would say). Howdeydodat? Same deal on the Event Horizon. Window pops open…no explosive decompression. They must have some serious structural mechanics.
Black Hole - Bad Acting Event Horizon - Bad Acting
Oh so bad acting. Do I have to repeat myself?
Black Hole - No Eyes Event Horizon - No Eyes
Creepy eyes, eh? “Where we’re going…we won’t need eyes to see.”
Black Hole - Tech Is Bad Event Horizon - Tech Is Bad
There are so many technical glitches in BH I would waste your bandwidth showing them to you…but here’s a gem: One of the characters lab coat is pinned to his knee so when he “floats” in zero g, it doesnt give away which way is really up. Of course nowadays, editors and directors are super sensitive to little glitches like that and its mostly continuity that screws up. Here we see computer enhanced all-over eye contacts. My point? None really, other than this scene is a total rip off from Dallas’ airduct hunt from Alien
Black Hole - Save Me from Myself Even
In a bizzare moment, our villian leans in close and whispers “save me from Maximilian.” The evil robot is an obvious extension of his evil self, created by his own hand. Its the only moment in the whole movie we feel for our villian. Just before the evil ship starts to kill off the crew, our hero has his last humanistic moment where the ship he created shows him his wife’s suicide. Which dips him into madness.
Black Hole - Old Tyme Religion Event Horizon - Old Tyme Religion2
Theres a ton of religious references in BH but none so obvious as the one at the end. Our villian gets entombed in his evil robot henchman’s casing and spends eternity in hell. Or Canada’s Wonderland’s Ghoster Coaster ride. Not sure… The religion isn’t so obvious in EH, but you do have ghosts speaking Latin! How Exorcist!
Black Hole - Old Tyme Religion Event Horizon - Old Tyme Religion
Disney loved that old time religion. Lovely halo, no? Ok so this pic is more a ripoff from Hellraiser but the arches in the back and the splayed Christ-like figure just screams “Hey Peter, I can see your house from here”.
Black Hole - End of Career Event Horizon - End of Career
An actor at the end of his career, trying desperately not to be compared to his past roles. An actor at the end of his career, trying desperately not to be compared to his past roles.
Black Hole - Character Switch Event Horizon - Character Switch
This character, who was on the good guys team, puts his own desires before the crew and does a 180 degree character turnabout. He steals the ship and gets killed for it. Comeuppance! This character, who was on the good guys team, has his desires shown to him and he goes mad, making him into the villian, making this a 180 degree turn in his character. He tears his eyes out. Comeuppance!
Black Hole - Bizzare Humming Engines Event Horizon - Bizzare Humming Engines
Bizzare humming engine. Bizzare humming engine.
Black Hole - Bad Hair Event Horizon - Bad Hair
“We’re out of money” Shot: This is too easy. Tinfoil? Baked potato anyone? “We’re out of money” Shot: This one aint so easy…Notice the crewman’s shirt – specifically the light area around the lettering. Does the army really print out your crew info on inkjet iron-on transfers?
Black Hole - Crap Ending Event Horizon - Crap Ending
Crap ending. Crap ending.

10 thoughts on “Black Hole VS Event Horizon

  1. James

    DR, thank you so much for pointing these shocking, nay, astounding similarities out. I was fascinated with “The Black Hole” when I was a kid, and bugged my poor Dad to take me to see it in lovely downtown Hamilton. I even read the Alan Dean Foster novel (over and over!) – which was a vast improvement on the movie. Ahem…

    Anyhoo, yes, The Black Hole is merely silly and specious now, when it wanted so hard to be important and entertaining. Oh well. I always thought they should do a remake of it – for adults – until Event Horizon came along. Then again, one can always hope…

    I’m glad someone else was concerned about the tinfoil hat/baked potato head scene. Poor Yvette Mimieux. She looks like she’s about to get a Marcel Wave.

  2. Furface

    FHW looks like a crazed jiffy-pop mom.

    ZARDOZ was on the other day. I thought Sean Connery was young when they shot that… wrong.

  3. Dickson Coatworthy

    Why oh why is the cod-piece not making a needed comeback?

    If moustaches can, then why not a good hard cod-piece with a nice stencil on it????


    (Foil head woman is probably giving herself a henna…)

  4. Evil Panda

    Black Hole= camp value and cherished childhood memories.

    Event Horizon= not so much.

    I love baked potato head.

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