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I find that the best comedy usually doesn’t happen on stage.

This morning while at the gym, I wound up right across from another guy, both of us fretfully trying not to have our body parts touch in the cramped aisle of the change room. We’re taking great care not to get into each other’s way and to compensate, I’m standing askew from my open locker, making the transition from nude to dressed while he’s going from dressed to nude. I yank at a shirt resulting in my underwear flying across the aisle, landing squarely on his shoes.

“Buh!” he says, in utter surprise.

“Good lord!” I sputter, “It’s like you’re Tom Jones!”

5 thoughts on “Delilah

  1. Dickson Coatworthy

    That’s funny…

    I was explaining once to a male friend how we gals would be nude in the steam room and discussing politics and his reply was “oh, talking Bush…”

    (insert rim shot here)

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