A Year Ago Today


…I was eager to get up to the campground.

Now I’m not so eager.

The partying late into the night, the inconsiderate drunks, the tire slashing, the bitchy comments sunk squarely and deeply into everyone’s back that thrive in a trailer park, the spiders, the non-recognition for cleaning the pool every morning*, the bitchy comments about how we “voluntarily” cleaned the pool every morning… all can go stuff themselves this year. Actually, I’m not bitter about the actual place, it is quite beautiful. It seemed a handful of people and their attitudes spoiled last year’s mood for me.

So, we’re not seasonals this year.

We cancelled our site mid-winter after a long talk about this summer and what we want to do. After a while into the conversation, we realized that the campground had no place in our plans, emotionally or financially. So we’ve returned our site back to the list and this weekend, are going up to sell the shed and bring home the personal stuff.

*We were compensated by the owners for our summer of pool-boyism, by way of a next year discount!

8 thoughts on “A Year Ago Today

  1. cowtown queen

    I agree with anyez. Don’t throw out the inflatable toys (hey – the ones meant for the water). Keep the hiking shoes. It’s a big, big world out there. Get out and breathe deep.

  2. B

    Don’t go hatasy (hateful + ecstasy = hatasy) on me!
    I’m in town for Hot Docs–sorry I missed your show.

  3. Dead Robot

    What!? That was you? I thought you were someone I hated working with back when I was doing Hostelling International work! The guy I thought you were always made me so “aroungry”


    You totally missed my performance last night upstairs too! It was “mediocood”

    (mediocre+I was good=mediocood)

    Welcome back to the big city!

  4. B

    You totally had no idea who said hi to you at the Victory last night. So accustomed, as you are, to your public’s general benevolence. . .

  5. Dead Robot

    Certainly had a bloody weird way of showing it.

    Nah it was just a select few. Plus the vibe of the place has changed since I’ve started to camp there. More party, less relax.

  6. Evil Panda

    They will miss you two. I had a guy tell me last year that you and Meesh were the “seasonals everyone wanted to sleep with”.

  7. anyez

    Okay but don’t give up on nature.

    Today I had to rescue a 120 lbs. German shepard who had broken through the ice on the lake hunting muskrat and was sinking up to her head in a mud hole–I came back from a nice quiet walk up to my thighs in muskrat shit…You really don’t want to miss stuff like that!!!!????

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