A Craigslist Accordian Guy

Touching blog entry from one of Canada’s top bloggers.

But it gets me wondering: Would he have done it if it were two guys?

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  1. >Even if your wife suggested it?

    As if I’m going to let a figment of my imagination tell me what to do!

    I am indifferent to male homosexuality but encourage the female variety in all things.

    In fact I dare say that I’m not alone in this and that if they gay community focused more on lesbians (hot ones) the movement would make more gains.

    Yup, gay rights needs more beer marketing executives to sell the concept to middle horny North America.

  2. i was joking when i called you cynical. it was a goddamend joke, all right?!

    heh, email has been resent. enjoy the pics and the link.

  3. I *am* way too cynical. It’s what gives this fumbling blog it’s charm. I’d rather be cynical than political – I leave that combo to salvage.

    If you sent your email to rocketmail, probably not. That’s my trash email and I rarely check it. Send it to ted care of this site.

  4. oh, and i meant to ask if you’d gotten my email with the pics i sent. if not i’ll have to get whatever email address you’re currently using.

    and just so i don’t waste valuable comment space for nonsense, i’m glad to see you’ve discovered TISM.

  5. what if it had been a boy and his dog? or a woman and a robot? or a jar of clotted cream and a dream about waxing a marabou stork? i bet the accordion would have been present for all.

    you’re too cynical, DR.

  6. >Would he have done it if it were two guys?

    Speaking as someone who thinks there is nothing hotter than two chicks making out in front of me I can say with all sexist honesty I wouldn’t have.

  7. ABBA? Hell, we had songs from the Katamari Damacy soundtrack.

    You rock for doing that, btw.

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