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When Disney says “Star Wars Day” they don’t mean fat kids with mop handles making geek porn for the internet. No, they mean friggin’ STAR WARS man! Stormtoopers at the gates! With audio of TIE fighters zipping by! I was in heaven! First ride: Star Tours. The main character robot voiced by someone who lovingly stole Pee Wee Herman’s voice. Time to update the tech on this ride, though. We didn’t get wet.

Some mild shopping ensued and alas and alack, they were out of white XL TK421 shirts so I had to settle for a Red Leader helmet one. Oh well.

Wandering out of the shop and we’re faced with a massive crowd. Usually the parks are fairly quiet first thing in the morning but this was incredible. Part of it was the photo op with Chewbacca, the other part was the massive souvenir/memorabilia sale going on in one of the pavilions. Speaking to one of the Cast Members, we heard rumour of a lightsaber going for about $500. Wow.

We see a Jawa character running around and I call out “Uteenie!” to get his attention. SharkBoy nearly dies of embarrassment.

The backlot tour revealed not much new but I did get to see the ship from Flight of the Navigator (again, Pee Wee’s legacy lives on), a couple Star Wars ships and the Presidential Escape Pod from Hitchhikers Guide (the movie). Weird combo, but fun to see nonetheless.

We lunch at the Sci Fi Cafe, which is brilliantly done up like a drive in theatre and it’s eerily quiet as a room full of diners all face the same way and watch the big screen show terrible B and C trailers. Fuuuuun!

The Force is fat with these onesAt one point, SharkBoy gets it into his head he wants a lightsabre. He’s freaking me out. He’s the least Sci Fi kind of guy I know but there he was wanting to wave one of these badges of nerd-dom like an honour roll kid bumper sticker. Of course we bought the retractable, zzooo zoooooo electronic ones (spring loaded, thank you) and had many a pose with them in front of rides, landmarks and… Jedi Mickey?! Bless SharkBoy to bits. When one of the FastPass ticket machines broke while we were waiting to use it, he jumps forward, extends his lightsabre and announces to the attendant “I’LL FIX IT!” and starts to poke the machine. At this point I had to take him aside and tell him that he was wielding a weapon, not a sonic screwdriver like from Doctor Who.



We digress into a Abbot and Costello skit.

At this point it started to get cloudy. Tropical Storm Barry was starting to come to Florida and the skies darkened. We left the park about 6pm (of course we re-rode Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Rollercoaster!) and headed over to Wet ‘N Wild for the bear party Tidal Wave.

And it started to rain as we walked in. Not hard, but enough to deter others from coming. I think they had about 100-200 people in attendance–

–which made riding the rides so much faster! We made the most of it and rode all the rides available. I felt bad for the staff who were on duty for such an empty park while it rained so hard. I didn’t see anyone I had been chatting online with prior to coming down to Florida. We did have a great time on DiscoH20: a big assed fast waterslide that dropped you into a huge plastic wet room. Too weird to describe, but very funky, man! We had a great time but I sort of wish there were more bears. We did find out that the “regular gays” were all at Typhoon Lagoon that night so that’s probably why attendance was so low too.

It started to get cold with the rain so we packed it in around 10pm and got a fast drink at the Full Moon Saloon. On to the next day!

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