Christopher Walken Touched My iPhone


dead zone…and now it has a DEAD ZONE.


Quite suddenly last night, while trying to email a picture to my Flickr account, the little mail icon refused to respond to my touch. I hit the HOME button and flicked things around on the desktop. That was ok. After a while I found that the bottom 1/2 inch zone where it wouldn’t respond to touch. So I couldn’t make calls, open emails, surf web or listen to music.

I’m beside myself.

I factory restored the phone (Bye pics! Bye web favorites! Bye phone contacts!) and reinstalled the software. Nope. I searched the internet and discovered oddly enough the last reports of this being an issue was around the end of August. Even the forums are somewhat devoid of this problem so it seems isolated.

Oh lucky me.

I’m off to the Apple Store here in town to plead my case, but I doubt very much they will repair it (I didn’t buy it! It was a gift! Please! Take your son back and heal his soul!) I am already looking into American influences.



12 thoughts on “Christopher Walken Touched My iPhone

  1. Dead Robot

    Normlr, considering the warm welcome I got at the Apple Store Canada and the cryptic nasty news quotes that the next update “might” brick the iPhone if unauthorized third party apps are installed on it, I think a phone call to them would be an utter waste of time.

    Gabriel, but the Apple is so tasty! And Steve just shops at the same turd-le neck sweater store as Anton.

  2. Normlr

    Aw man that totally sucks!!! Maybe you could give the US Apple support a call? Might be able to arrange sending it in for repair that way.

  3. Dead Robot

    I did a soft reset (via the General button) which yielded nothing. I then did an iTunes restore, which basically reset the phone to factory settings, wiping out everything and replacing the operating system. Nada. I am 100% sure it was NOT the fault of the software crack (or else there would be thousands more like me) and just an isolated, but not entirely uncommon, hardware fault.

    News reports are saying that Apple store people will take the phone back with little or no questions asked.

  4. Dead Robot

    This almost put off Sharkboy in getting an iPod Touch. Almost. The difference is that if he gets a dead zone on his iPod, he can happily return it no worries.

  5. furrywolf

    Emerging technology is a fickle beeatch!! This time next year, the bugs MAY be gone, after several treaments of RID.

  6. Lew

    No, no, no, Gabriel. You have it soooo backward!

    Have you ever tried to use PowerPoint on a Mac? It would be less painful to stand with your testicles in front of a microwave oven for 6 to 8 minutes (or until tender, Microwave wattage may vary) than to try and format a table on a Mac.

    Satan’s (and probably Hamburger’s) Helper is clearly AT&T. Check that… at&t.

    It’s the Statue of Liberty football play. You’re looking where “They” want you to look!

    Either that of the fuckin’ thing broke. I like the conspiracy line myself.

  7. Gabriel...

    I keep saying, Steve Jobs is Satan… Satan does things that look cool and are easy to operate, but Satan doesn’t like you. Bill Gates, however, makes things so freaking difficult and makes you really work for your rewards. I think it’s pretty obvious that Bill Gates is Jesus Christ. You’d thing the whole Apple thing would make it obvious.

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