Can I See some iID Please?


My Canuck iPhone is becoming more and more exclusive!

The forumsphere (web forums, not blogs? what do we call these?) has several threads of Canadians and Mexicans being refused sales of iPhones at AT&T and Apple stores over the last 24 hours. I suspect an edict has come down upon high to start refusing non-US citizens purchase of the phones to ensure company AT&T sign ups.

1984, anyone?

Oh thank god! I thought for a moment there that I was going to be surrounded by iPhone dicks!

5 thoughts on “Can I See some iID Please?

  1. Gabriel...

    I’m not sure they’re allowed to ask for ID… privacy laws in the US are fairly strict. Sometimes. Unless they’re forcing customers to pay with Credit Cards I’d be surprised if it were more than the clerk asking for ZIP Codes.

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