Office Awkward


I get on the elevator with 3 women.

One woman: I saw your email… where are you going? Somewhere fun?
Departing woman: Oh. An operation. Breast cancer.
Sudden gasp from pretty much everyone.
Departing woman: We caught it, it has to be removed (She’s smiling).
We stare at the floor, the numbers, anywhere but at her…
Another woman: Will you… do kemo?
Departing woman: Don’t know yet. (Pause) My doctor is hot. Irish, over six foot, beautiful eyes. He had my boob in his hand.
We laugh a little nervous. Then a bit harder.
Me: Did you ask him out?
Departing woman: Damn! I will next time. (Another pause) I should put a lipstick kiss on the side of my boob just before the operation.
Me: Better yet, I’ll get you a Sharpie, you should write your number on there.
Departing woman: (Laughs)
Me: Well at least you know he’s got it.
Departing woman: (Laughs harder, while the rest chuckle nervously)

3 thoughts on “Office Awkward

  1. Dead Robot

    I think she was at the “negotiation” stage of coming to terms with her situation. I’m glad she still has her humour.

  2. Lew


    Fart if you really need to, but don’t bring up your HIV results. Like she was going to get a better parking space for the rest of the month?

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