A New Day For This Poor Sap

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This morning I rushed an email ad out the door without amending the subject line. Our clients were treated to a “Fantastic Africa!” tag but opening the email they found Asia destinations. Owch! I blame Monday.

Having done this, I certainly can feel the pain of the graphic designer who inserted an image of a jailbroken iPod Touch into a national ad campaign for Radio Shack (via Engadget). You can tell it’s hacked – it has the Installer app and Mobile Chat icons on the Springboard. I have a sinking feeling that the poor sap behind the Mac had to get this flyer out the door with minimal assistance from the art director and was forced to take a picture of his own iPod to cut corners. I’m also assuming that he was low man on the totem pole and nobody checked his work that hard.

I’m also assuming he’s at home right now assessing his portfolio.

9 thoughts on “A New Day For This Poor Sap

  1. Lew

    Asia always sucked anyway. “Heat of the Moment?” C’mon. Like that could compete with anything Rush ever recorded.

  2. Dead Robot

    Kanga, a certain new US manager wrote the most condescending email saying “after so many years in business, we should know that parts of Asia is not in Africa.”

    I said “fuck off” (in my head of course).

  3. Lew

    Yup. I’ve had to shoot my own stuff during onsite productions before. A very large car company couldn’t come up with their own digital art of a national ad. I shot that morning’s USA today with my Nikon.

    It’s kind of like being McGuyver, without having to scale building exteriors with a tube sock and kabob skewer.

  4. Dead Robot

    Apple is a cult. To the sharp Apple user’s trained eye it is like showing Jesus on a Hanukkah calendar using a Buddhist’s prayer beads.

    An Apple lawyer would be pulling his hair out now for false advertisement.

  5. Hockeyfan960

    Are people ready THAT into these phones and IPods to notice little things like than…and make such a fuss over them…???

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