Trap and Release


This story from The New Yorker (via BoingBoing) has me flabbergasted:

41 hours trapped in an elevator (security cam video here at 40 times the normal speed).

The story is interspersed with interesting elevator facts but the core of it had me rapt: this poor sap was stranded with just Rollaids and cigarettes for comfort. The elevator died on a Friday night and 8 security guard shifts came and went before he was found on Sunday afternoon, even though he’s visible on the security cams.

Poor sap sued the building management and got an out-of-court settlement, but hasn’t been able to find work since.

2 thoughts on “Trap and Release

  1. Lew

    Geez. Most security guards I observe on duty seem astute, educated, eloquent and aware of every aspect of their duty.

    Overhead Speaker: Cleanup, Aisle Six.
    Manager to Staff: We’re short on crew… Have Security grab a mop.

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