50% Less Wallet


The Unofficial Apple Weblog has an article of pure genius. We’re talking Wile E Coyote kind of “pure genius”. Albert has created a photo album of all his membership cards and put it on his iPhone and effectively reduced his bulge on his butt. I am so trying this on my Shoppers/Costco/Air Miles cards!

It’s proven that the barcode, if its a clear scan, will read, and if the person scanning it isn’t a luddite who won’t trust your crazy machine as proper identification, you can reduce your wallet considerably.

7 thoughts on “50% Less Wallet

  1. Dead Robot

    If they’re young enough they’ll want to be in on the “cool” and give it a try.

    If they’re old coots like you, they will get frightened, smash the iPhone/iPod on the ground and club you to death for being different.

  2. Jim M

    Don’t even get me started on calling fast food employees “baristas”, AND GET OFFA MY LAWN!

    I was (mostly) kidding, I like the idea of having a single device for everything, but I wonder how many retail monkeys will accept a scanned copy of my Barns and Noble card.

  3. Jim M

    This is just another damn hipster “I HAVE AN IPHONE” bullshit move. If they really cared about bulk they’d take everything they actually needed from their iPhone (the numbers to mom’s house and their Wii “friend” code or whatever they call it) and write it on the back of a .001mm thick card they keep in their wallet with their Costco card. This would eliminate the bulk created by their iPhone.

    But I guess then they wouldn’t be able to liveblog from Star Trek conventions.

    (I wish I had an iPhone. Hi Ted!)

  4. Romach

    It makes you wonder why the BBC charge outrageously for the license fee for them to to just sit there enjoying the sound of silence tee hee. On a lighter note the first lady in that blue/Turquoise jacket is Maxine Mawhinney from Belfast in Northern Ireland and I know her. What a claim to fame that is! NOT!

  5. Dead Robot

    Article says so. I dont see why not. Just remember to scan a high resolution (150 dpi).

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