Again and Again OSX

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If Steve Jobs doesn’t come over to the creators of this music video’s house and give them a personal back rub with happy ending, then society is lost. (Via Gizmodo)

3 thoughts on “Again and Again OSX

  1. Dead Robot

    Hi Romach! I use to live in London. I’m doing a series of entries from my time in London back in ’86-’88 because I don’t recall any solid memories from high school.

    No, now I’m getting fat and saggy from a desk job in Toronto with my husband.

  2. Romach

    Hey, thanks for stopping by on Planet Romach and leaving such a nice comment. So your in London then. We live just outside Liverpool but have been to London a few times. I love it but it is indeed very expensive to live in. Great site by the way. I am going to enjoy reading all your posts.

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