Friday Night Follies

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Da back in the hospital again. This time for a couple weeks to get the swelling down on his pancreas. By Monday they might be able to add a stent to the inside of the blocked tube that goes from organ to intestine. Until then, he’s on clear liquids and a feeding tube. So I took some pictures!

On The phone


TGH atrium

Sharing Dinner

8 thoughts on “Friday Night Follies

  1. Romach

    OH thats really sad about your dad, I really hope he will be ok soon. My dad was rushed into hospital a while back as we thought he had a minor heart attack but he ended up being fine. But it really worried me any of my parents being sick. I guess we always assume they are here to look after us then they fall sick and its really hard to watch as we want to do everything we can for them. I hope he will be great soon *hugs*

  2. Dead Robot

    Hi Elizabeth!

    Da is getting the stent tomorrow (Tues) at St Mikes and will be back at TGH in the evening. It sounds like it’s going down his throat by camera and tube (is that an ERCP?).

  3. elizabeth

    Hi Ted
    Please give our love and best wishes to your dad–we are thinking of him and hoping the time passes quickly in the hospital. Let us know if they get the stent in today–are they doing it thru the ERCP scope ?? Is Michelle coming home?? IF she wants to give me the medical update (and you the personal update πŸ™‚ that would be great.
    Hope your all hanging in –love to all
    Elizabeth, Alex, Alexa, Thomas and Daniel

  4. Lew

    Can you please fucking tell the US that even though you have to wait a bit for the kneecap replacement or the dental exam, that being covered for health no matter you income, is valuable?

    And I’ve read you for 3/4 a year now. I realize the “waiting room” means you have to wait.

    I want your dad to get all the help he needs, and I’m glad he’s in a humane Country who will do the math and eat the expense. Consider yourself detained, but lucky.

    I can only hope I will also be “lucky” with my folks in the next ten years.

  5. Don

    I love this last picture. It is very sweet. You could probably go back 30 years and find you both in the same kind of position. Papa with his feet up on the footstool and his boy lying on the couch fielding annoying questions. It’s beautiful man…

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