MiniBook Expo On Again!

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Lex, over on has fired up her magical blog MiniBook Expo! Go claim your absolutely free books. The catch? You gotta blog about the book you choose. Choose wisely!

Claim It.
* watch for a book you want
* click through to claim it
* make sure it’s not already claimed by someone else
* leave a comment to claim it (max 2)
Get it.
* we’ll confirm you claimed it in the comments.
* then email you for your address
* send me your address
* Canada Post will bring you your book.
Read it.
* can you really say anything if you haven’t read it?
Blog it.
* Post something about the book within a month of getting it
* include a link to the publisher and the author if possible
* if you don’t have a blog, send me your review & I’ll post it here for you

My past books were:

The Grays – Whitley Strieber:
…there are moments of incoherence where you shake the book to see if pages have fallen out from it.


Relentless – Robin Parrish:
Relentless is written in a more looser, somewhat melodramatic style, all the while watching it’s language: the strongest curse word in all of it’s pages is “damn”

3 thoughts on “MiniBook Expo On Again!

  1. Lex

    HEY! I’m going as fast as I can… those release posts don’t write & assemble themselves you know!

    We have over 70 titles right now some with multiple copies. I’m trying to release 2-4 per day, but I do have a day job.

  2. Dead Robot

    I think it’s 10, but with multiple copies.

    Check back often, Lex will be “releasing” books as they come to her (or she’s cruelly keeping them to herself, teasing our book glands with her hesitation)

  3. Sean

    SWEET! Thanks for the info.

    Am I correct in that they have less than 10 titles available across the board? Or am I reading it wrong?

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