Something Wicked This Way Comes


Unlimited data? On Rogers? Not a chance. A cool $40/mo on top of your existing plan as previously leaked? Nope.

Try topping off at $115/mo. for rates that equates to downloading whole movies onto your phone, which we’ll probably have to do if you that troublesome law goes through. But no mention of having to have a previous account, just a loooong three year contract. Really I’m not surprised they’re charging this. Pissed, yes, but not surprised.

Oh and for $15/mo extra, you get the crap you got nearly for free with a regular plan.

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3 thoughts on “Something Wicked This Way Comes

  1. Phronk

    More reason to hate Rogers. I think I’ll wait until the next version of the iPhone (which hopefully comes in sizes bigger than a measly 16GB) and pray that Rogers comes out with plans that at least give the vague impression of being reasonable.

  2. Vanyel

    Ah yes, the good old Rogers “bend over and grab your ankles… this won’t hurt a bit routine” (while you hope they at least spit on it like the other sailors do).

    My sister asked if she thought we should upgrade the cable at home to digital service. Hell no, said I, I could buy two week’s groceries for that kind of dough. And some nights, even with 70 channels on the current service, there is still diddlysquat worth watching (unless they bring back the old test pattern).

    It all reminds me of a course I took years ago in negotiating skills… it was the Foghorn Leghorn type dude who was leading the course… his parting line was, “when you opponent has got y’all by the balls, it’s the perfect opportunity to piss all over him.” Methinks Rogers better behave 😉

    I thought Apple was going to be as severe with the pricing up here as they were in other countries. And I read that in Europe you can get the iPhone from the cell companies there on a prepaid plan (I suppose if you’re not using it as much as some people might). Perhaps those boys need some serious competition (if only the other companies would switch to GSM instead of a dead standard – of course, I’ve been beating that drum since I worked in the concrete jungle years ago).

  3. Sean

    Ah, yes…Rogers. I have to phone them soon to reduce my bill. Tipping the scales at $500 a month.

    That is my home phone, mobile phone (blackberry with unlimited plan), “high-speed” internet and my digital cable tv (with HD pvr and channels).


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