Wednesday Blog Roll Ups


* Acid Reflux Web: Miss Retrovirus looks for her inner HIV Glamour while fighting off wandering hands.
* Blamblog: Not being able to view videos (either by restrictive licensing or by Net Neutrality) makes people MAD!
* Cultural SNAFU …or you can wander the web anonymously, Brett.
* David R Use to be Therlin: It’s peanut butter Jellyfish time!
* Dead Robot’s Flickr fun!: My Becel Ride for Heart was used in a social news gathering site! I’m famousey!
* dog’S FAINT: Uh. first picture not entirely worksafe. Vegas-style topless art shots.
* Electronic Replicant: He’s good with his hands. I don’t know what it is, but it’s shiny!
* Fortress of Solitude: (Pressing “refresh”) Come on… come on… COME ON!!!
* Hairy Fish Nuts: He must be on the floor crying since the whole Obama thing last night. No update since yesterday morning!
* Human Nature: Even though humanity has progressed throughout the years, there are still quite a few people who resemble neanderthals. People who stand you up, for example?
* Hypnoray: NO UPDATE ALERT!!! WOOP WOOP WOOP! Three weeks since his last post. Four weeks before that! Woop wooop!
* I Always Win DILFs! (near No Update Alert!!)
* My Blog Rules Your Ass: F**king Awesome cooking videos! Cajun gudness!
* My Life in the YYZ: New furniture! Bigger desk! Credit Cards! Our man is a good capitalist!
* Nice To See Stevie B: I’ve seen episodes of South Park. I doubt Denver getting a Hamburger Mary’s will result in Gay Marriages.
* Norml Than You: NO UPDATE ALERT!!! WOOP WOOP WOOP! Come on, Gurl! You’ve been camping this weekend. Let’s see some pics!
* Photojunkie: I can’t link to one specific post in the last month or two. They’re all amazing images. Go and look.
* Phronk: Hiatus = Sad.
* Ripping Stitches Obama and Prince lyrics. I think I’ll like the US again.
* RoboCub: Needs to move to California…
* Sharkboy: Gruesome image of a drunk driver’s outrageous carelessness. This public service announcement was brought to you by Dewars!
* StudioYVR: Don is navel gazing. A bit too deeply…
* Tomato Transplants: Jane shows promise. I barely remember to wash my hands!
* Turnip Style: Bitch stole my title from my last post! Actually that’s pretty freaky. Anyhoo, he’s ready for the future!
* Unsweetened: She’s just now realizing chips burn? We need to take her camping.
UPDATE: My apologies, I forgot Planet Romach: Who is wondering what Ms Clinton will be doing in the near future.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Blog Roll Ups

  1. turnipHed

    Well ironically enough I had not caught up on my blog roll reading and did not see your post but how funny is that – maybe it means we are both really smartly!

  2. madamerouge

    Blogging is hard. So is catching up. I’ve been sniffing around FaceCrack but haven’t made any commitments yet.

    I can’t comment on any entries other than your first page. I love the redesign. George Hamilton in a bag = adorable. You in London: is that really you? Hotel in London: you know I continue to feel your pain, despite our computerized pms (property management system). Father in hospital: sending good thoughts, plus an observation that you’re a very good son.

  3. Lex

    HEY! I’ve been burning stuff all my life, just not my food. I mean, who taught you people to ignite your snack food?

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