For Those Who Look Young


Two workers near my cube. One is wearing a shiny silver near-miniskirt and is rocking it nicely, in my books.

Coworker 1: I remember when I was a kid and I wanted a skirt like that and couldn’t afford it. I saved for weeks until it was out of fashion.

Coworker 2: (tugs uncomfortably on the skirt) I… Wore it on a whim.

5 thoughts on “For Those Who Look Young

  1. Hockeyfan960

    I am feeling that at my new job….there is a strange age gap in the office….a lot of “grey” hairs in the 50-65 range…a crop of the “fresh” starters in the 25-30 range….and then me and about 5 other in between…..the office has 225 people….while I can sort of relate to the Grey Hairs….the Freshies want nothing to do with someone like me trying to regain his youth….just keep walking and try not to make any dumb remarks….

  2. andrew

    i’ll take the side of co-worker 1, just to amuse myself. people who have no idea how to dress to flatter themselves or to fit into their environment should be publicly shamed as behaviour modification. i know every time i see some halfwit wandering about the sidewalk wearing some moronic hollister, a&f, ae or (insert trendy ‘designer’ name here) shirt, i feel like kicking him/her to death on the spot.

  3. SharkBoy

    I’d say co-worker one is a cow… and is totally jealous…
    I hope co-worker two wears shiny silver shoes tomorrow and kicks her ass

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