Burst, originally uploaded by deadrobot.

Yesterday I lost a contact up in “behind” my eye for about 20 minutes (right when I was trying to leave the apartment and was late for work, naturally). SharkBoy and I fished around for that damned piece of plastic like squeamish teens at their first frog dissection. Eventually the lens made it’s way off the inside of my upper eyelid and I got it out.

The result was a burst blood vessel.

It started out as a perfect dot. As the day progressed, the dot became larger and more noticeable. This morning it’s spread out into this.

10 thoughts on “Burst

  1. Dead Robot

    Butchie: It’s nearly all gone. That pic you posted was dis-gust-ting!

    Gabriel: in typical Gay fashion, it was really only stuck on the inside of the upper eyelid.

    Furface: Thanks for the tip!

    Romach: thanks for your words!

  2. Gabriel...

    A chunk of plastic +behind+ your eye? I had no idea that could happen. It’s cool that you got a photo of it, but this is exactly why I’m going to allow myself to slowly go blind naturally just like humans were meant to…

  3. Furface

    From years of contact lens use and abuse if that happens again try this – squirt a bit of your lens solution in the affected eye and look up into or down into your eyelids in the direction you think the lens has gone and blink a few times rapidly – they usually slide back over the cornea.

    And, if you are all that squimish about putting your fingers in your eyes you can try a piece of clean cling film over you finger as opposed to a rubber glove which might have powder on the surface and try to dig it out – do not use tissue or a bare finger unless it is really clean in your eye.

  4. Romach

    Oh no! Thats happened to me loads of times. I was nearly going to the hospital last week to get a gas permeable contact out from near the back of my eye. It slipped around there and it was agony. I hope your eye gets better soon 🙂

  5. Dead Robot

    Sean: about 15 minutes into the panic I had my shoes on to go right to the optometrist but I gave it one last go to try to get the damn thing out. I’m ok. Just not going to wear my contacts for a couple days.

    Words: I was called “the Head” when I was in college. Not for what you think, but because I was Mr-Know-it-All.

  6. words words

    I did the same thing (burst vessel) before my first day of college. Long after the red fades (and it will) I was known as “the guy with the eye.”

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