In Which Dead Robot Turns Chrimson With “Gwarsh!”

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Robert, who has been coming around this here blog for a couple months now, recently started up Canada Blog Friends, a review site of Northern webzines (ha! when was the last time you heard that? Webzines! hmmm…) that:

…is a celebration of life in Canada, as manifest in many different blogs, across many different genres from every part of the nation.

The coolest Canadian blogs are profiled here, and sometimes extra passionate posts are condensed in compelling story briefs and further digested in comments.

Well I got featured yesterday and I have to tell you, I’ve never had a stranger say such nice things about my blog/hobby who didn’t want money or sex. Go read the review. I rarely toot my own horn on here but the post is so well written I feel like a proud parent at a grade 2 musical and my child just nailed “I Don’t Know How To Love Him”.

Thanks Robert!

3 thoughts on “In Which Dead Robot Turns Chrimson With “Gwarsh!”

  1. Michael yer Bro

    This dude is absolutely correct. Well said, blog reviewer dude.

    By the way, Dan was here (Vancouver) last week and I saw his lecture on Russian gay porn since the end of the USSR. I’m bursting all over with familial pride.

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