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The problem with believing hype is that you’ll fall hard if the hype doesn’t live up to itself. I think that’s what I did when I heard that Spore was coming to the iPhone. Back when Spore was originally shown off at some distant, forgotten tech convention (voiced over by Robin Williams) I was enamored. Play god from the Primordial ooze to spacefaring creature? Oh hells yes! To have it on my phone (albeit a truncated version) was going to be the extra fluff added to the already fluffly clouds in heaven.

Hello little guy! Hey wait… are you baked?

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Spore: Origins. The graphics are more than I expected for a phone game, and with the accelometer, it’s a lot different phone gaming experience than say, Tetris or Bejewelled. But with that in mind, I still feel a little dissapointed that all you do in this game other than evolve your little dude, is eat other little dudes (which consists of just “running over” other organisms). There are the “bigger fish” that will eat, bite, chase you (“There’s always a bigger fish…”) and generally get in the way but with accelometer controls, it’s a bit difficult to get the hang of. Thankfully the screen is calibrated to a slight angle, not dead flat, to make your dude stop dead. The cost of the game is a bit dear for this mini-version of Spore. The price could have been reduced and the evolving of your character could have been made easier so that you get hooked enough to send your character into the desktop version, thus buying into the costlier game. But that’s just my evil marketing side talking. It is a fun timewaster.

Dude! Run! Pointy Thing!

As you play along, you are unable to re-play any levels. That’s evolution, I guess. But you are able to re-evolve elements on or off your little dude. As you can see from my pictures, I added a ton of eyes that seems to give him a little more agility in avoiding enemies. Later, I added spikes and he can “defend” himself a little from the bigger guys.

Eat me! No don’t!

Get big enough and the big dudes that bit into you become your dinner. There’s a metaphor here too. The more you play, the less your battery stays alive. It’s a bit of a resource hog, more so than video. Be warned.

Screw this, I’m going to eat Ariel’s Grotto

I give Spore: Origins a 8 out of 10. Slightly worth the $10 from the Apps Store, only if 1) It’s game play is longer than a couple hours total – I’ve only played to level 7 so far; and 2) I get to export my guy into the PC game (which I’m sure it does, but I won’t be able to because my desktop is so frigging old – it can’t run Spore Creator).

6 thoughts on “Spore: Origins

  1. salvage

    I was such a huge fan of Mass Effect I was going to spring for the PC version for the improvements but once again DRM issues abound and I said fuck it.

    Eventually I’m going to DL it and Spore off a Bitttorent, I reckon if they’re going to treat me like a criminal rather than a paying customer I might as well be a criminal.

  2. Phronk

    I so want to play Spore, but my computer is pretty much at the minimum requirements, and that DRM crap just totally kills my boner. I probably would’ve upgraded for it otherwise. Retards.

  3. Dead Robot

    I heard about that PC version DRM crap from Boingboing. Apparently Amazon users are rating it one star out of 5 because of it, even though the game is fun and flip to play. Nobody wants those kinds of hassles.

    Just Say No To DRM. It’s a stupid technology concept.

  4. salvage

    I was going to get the PC version until I heard about the stupid DRM stuff; you can only install it three times then you have to beg EA to let you install it after. Of course if the validation servers are ever taken down well you’ve got a game you can’t play. Also EB isn’t accepting anymore PC game trade-ins because of the serial number nonsense.

    Now if the copyright protection stuff actually worked I could be more sympathetic to it but it doesn’t. Spore was on all the Bittorrent sites a week before launch and fresh cracks have been popping up all week.

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