In Times of Economic Troubles…

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…Zack And Miri Make A Porno.

You’ve probably heard of this movie by now. It has nothing to do with Aptow but does have the post-teen comedy sensibilities that he’s been known for and it’s from Kevin Smith. The movie has already gained notoriety for it’s original posters being yanked in the US (portrait shots of the two leads subtlety getting head) and replaced with sarcastic text next to stick figures. Thankfully, Canada has a sense of humour and I get to see Seth Rogan’s happy “O face” every morning on a local bus shelter.

At this point I have to admit that I have a big man/bear crush on Seth Rogan and Kevin Smith: admitted geeks and big funny guys with facial hair, so I’m kind of biased. But after seeing the preview I (and I am sure many others) asked myself “What the hell does Miri see in Zack?” She’s a bit too beautiful to be hanging out/hooking up with someone like Seth in my books, but the trailer makes her look slobbish matching Seth’s re-occurring character choices of the slovenly lovable mensch. It’s typical of Kevin Smith’s movies to have one casting moment where you have to suspend some belief (Uh… Allanis Morrisette as God?). But in getting Traci Lords to do a small part might wipe that all out and redeem his past transgressions.

My second admission is that I, like so many of you out there, have always wanted to be revered/paid for as a sex porno god. If my family is reading, go away. I’ve never acted upon this desire, but there it is.

8 thoughts on “In Times of Economic Troubles…

  1. Lex

    Until I saw the preview it never crossed my mind they were cast as a couple. But then again it didn’t seem outrageous that someone would try and film a porno to make cash. I had a friend in high school who was all set to shoot a porno with script, cast and crew when his leading “lady” pulled out enroute to the first location shoot. She’d never planned to do the film, just to see how far he’d go and humiliate him publicly. High school sucks. And not in a good way.

  2. Phronk

    I think the whole point of Seth Rogan is that he gives irrational hope to straight chubby hairy slobs that they’ll end up with a girl like Elizabeth Banks or Katherine Heigl, and not only be attractive to bear-loving gay men and the women in their geeky fantasies. 🙂

  3. Rob Campbell

    Casting Traci Lords as “Bubbles” was a stroke of genius.

    Also look for Kenny Holtz (from Kenny vs Spenny) at the high school reunion – it’s his first Hollywood feature film debut!

  4. Sean

    I saw that poster about 4 times before I realized what was going on…

    …but seriously, Seth Rogan (who I think is adorable normally), looks heinous on the movie poster…and only marginally less repulsive in that photo you posted above.

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