8:10am Starbucks by my office.

Gentleman in front of me: Oh great! You have the holiday cups now! That must mean you have Gingerbread lattes! (scans the big board) Uh. Where…? For many years you had a drink called Gingerbread latte…?

My Favorite Barista: They’re called Gingersnaps now! It’s really the same thing.

Gentleman: Then I want the same thing (he says – emphasis on “want” and “same thing”)

Me: (Leaning in) They removed the “Bread” because it sounded “carby”

9 thoughts on “Carb-bucks

  1. Phronk

    They renamed the mint-chocolate drink too…but it’s actually a totally different drink, because now it has chocolate sprinkles instead of candy sprinkles.

  2. cb

    Ooo- or maybe said something like, “They changed the name so you could sound EVEN GAYER when ordering the fucking gayest beverage on the planet!”

  3. cb

    Good for YOU! And while I was at it, I’d have pointed out that perhaps he should think about ‘manning up’ a bit and ordering a NONpussy coffee beverage.

  4. Kezza

    Oh no… Not Carbs, anything but carbs!!! Honestly, I don’t understand this fascination with carbohydrates. I haven’t met a carb yet that I didn’t like. If people are worried about their body shape maybe they ought to peel themselves off the couch instead of looking for an easy scape-goat (Goat meat, funnily enough is carb-free). Anyway, Gingersnap sounds much, well, snappier wouldn’t you say?

  5. SharkBoy

    It’s almost like Toronto woke up to xmas this morning… Starbucks had the xmas cups out, the hospital for sick children, had the giant xmas bears out, the building I cut through on my walk to work had their xmas trees lit and decorated… none of that was there yesterday…

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